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Hell High Water

Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet

I thought I was really going to love this book but I barely finished it. The really smooth website is great but the story just did not sit well with me.

Sloan was such an asshat, I never warmed up to him. Your partner is your lover, against the rules, he gets killed and you get a new partner-do it all over again? Except this time you hit and run over and over again. Just really irritating.

Dex came off as a doormat who was comic-y. None of the other characters caught me. Maybe this author just isn't for me.

The Parting Glass (In a Dark Wood)

The Parting Glass - Josh Lanyon 3.5
Spook Squad - Jordan Castillo Price 3 1/2-Plot-wise, I think this is one of the best books.

There is hardy any Vic/Jacob interaction except for purely business tho, so it left me feeling cheated. I'm not talking about sex scenes, since I usually skim those anyway; there was hardly any emotional interaction between them at all.

If you are hoping for some furthering of the romance, this book will disappoint.
Under the Waterfall - Neil Plakcy Hmm...I'm not going to rate this because my issues with it were my own. Liam went on way too much about wanting to screw other guys, individually and in groups. I really hate that.

I didn't feel any connection between Liam and Aiden at all. In the beginning of this series, there was some hot chemistry. That is gone. The narrator tells us constantly how much they love each other but I never felt it.
Parting Shot - Mary Calmes This was good in a Mary Calmes way. I'm not getting why some reviews claim this is not just another Jory/Sam etc book.

It is, just the names have changed.

The Return - Brad Boney 40% DNF-I skimmed most of what I did read of this, I didn’t like it at all. It was irritating with all the flashbacks, endless “know it all-ness” about Bruce Springsteen (I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen 5 times and never did he do 8 encores) and the ghost stuff.

One of the MCs was so condescending that I couldn’t stand him at all. The guy in the flashbacks-ugh- all of them-highly annoying.

Birds of a Feather - Nicole Kimberling 3.5

This series is one of my favorites but this install felt kind of heartless. Hardly any interaction (it FELT like hardly any interaction) between Nick and Peter left me feeling unsatisfied. Plus, ex coming back to interfere with the existing relationship is overused.

I'll still keep reading if she keeps writing them.
The Brothers Grime: Jack - Z.A. Maxfield 3.5-I just never really warmed up to these 2.
Headed for Trouble - Suzanne Brockmann Jeez, this is just a collection of the short stories that were all published in the backs of the series. Think they could have pointed that out before I spent my$7.99?

Highly irritated.
Free Falling - S.E. Jakes DNF -got way too artificial mushy for my taste.
Brothers In Arms (Recon Diaries, #1) - Kendall McKenna I read many many books that are not romance. BUT, when I buy a book sold as a romance, from a publisher that sells and markets romance, I expect a romance. Not a Generation Kill fic sold as a romance with zero to little romance.

How copy?

1 star because it is not what it claims to be.
Dirty Laundry - Rhys Ford Tad wordy but good.
Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) - J.R. Ward Many of my gr friends are rating this one low for some valid reasons. I give it 5 stars for being the first mainstream, NYT bestseller, full on MM erotica. Kudos to Ward.
Laying Ghosts (Deputy Joe, #3) - James Buchanan What an awful cover. MLR doesn't do this series any favors.

ETA-I'm not going to rate this one because it went so much further with the Dom/sub kink that the previous books that I just didn't enjoy it. Not my thing at all, I wanted to keep reading for everything else but skipped quite a bit.

I think, though, that readers who do enjoy BDSM, will find this pretty tame.

The Student Prince - FayJay podfic

After The Fall - Sarah Goodwin DON'T BUY FROM LULU.

Since I bought it at Lulu-no go on the whole reading thing.

Even downloaded Adobe Editions, still can't open the file.

Can't recommend Lulu if they have DRM on it. Not worth the hassle.

A fool and her $1.59 ...

ETA-I got to read the book because a friend was nice enough to loan it to me.

Pretty dreary stuff. Add in the very rare amnesia and double it? Pfft...