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Jake Westerby: Deep Undercover - Derek Adams 70%-OK, I give up. This book was listed on fictionwise as gay fiction, I did just go back and check-it is also listed as bisexual erotica. I can't imagine why it is listed as bisexual considering everyone on this campus, on the police force, in this town is homosexual. Even the homophobic people.

This book is all sex all the time. Orgy sex, non-con sex, older/younger sex, back room sex, car sex, stranger sex, acquaintance sex, friend sex, son of friend sex. And this is just in the first half.

This book is nothing but raunchy sex. What little plot there is-is a joke.

If you are looking for pure erotica and you like corny/raunchy/eye-rolling kind of descriptions plus you don't mind non-con and BDSM then you will like this book.

If you want to read the book that the blurb describes, you are out of luck.