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The Funny Thing Is - JWolf free online

I'm giving this a 4 star rating. If it was a published novel, I would give it a 3.

A story of 4 grown men, friends for 25 years. Cooper, stuck is a lackluster 20 year marriage is faced with the return of his long lost love-Chase.

There is much angst, love triangles, cheating, breaking up, evil exes BUT also much humor and engaging characters. Anyone who knows me knows I hate cheating but I couldn't put this down. As much as I wanted to dislike Cooper, I couldn't.

The beginning was a bit rough but the writing quality greatly improves over the course of the story. There were quite a few crass descriptions (shoot my load) that had me rolling my eyes, but the writing really smooths out.

ETA-oops, read The List first. Just noticed it...
ETA-The List is nothing but chapter after chapter of sex. Don't bother with it.