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Crimson Regret (Inches of Trust, #1) - A.R. Moler These extremely short stories (10 pdf pages) are released by Torquere over time. There are 9 stories and the series started in 2008 so you can see that they are taking a long time.

The stories themselves are good, Tristan and Brian are engaging characters. It's not a continuing plot line as far as a mystery or crime goes, it's all about the relationship.

BUT-at 10 pdf pages only, and a price of $1.99 each it gets very expensive. So far I have spent $18.00 dollars on a total of 90 pdf pages and and it's not even complete.

I can't say I will continue spending the money.

So 4 stars for the stories themselves and 1 star for the marketing ploy. Granted, I've never been up to the whole serialized story concept but the the combined price of these is ridiculous.