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Undercover Sins - Hayley B. James This book had potential that it just didn't live up to. The plot was so convoluted and turned around on itself so many times that I just lost interest. It didn't give you enough time to grow attached to the main characters before it changed them up again. Also, I sometimes I got the impression that english is not the author's first language. The writing was stilted at times which pulled me out of the story.

On a positive note, there wasn't lube and condoms all over the place, which is something I am getting sick of reading. So that was a plus.

I get it! Yes, lube and condoms...yes they are necessary. But- take a lesson from this author and just leave them off. It's fiction! Fictional sex shouldn't need a half gallon of KY per chapter.

I think this author will improve and I will try future books from her.