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Bulletproof - Mary Calmes This book is all over the place. It meanders through Jory's mind and travels with hardly any (crime) plot at all.

Plus, Jory spends way too much time with other men, letting them pat his hair, rub is abdomen. It made me decidedly unhappy. It seems to show him how much he needs Sam. Whatever.

Plus, I never realized how much alike this series and Timing were. Jory and Stefan are practically the same character. Rand and Sam are practically the same character. Stef/Jory do the same hairbrained things all the while everyone around loves the heck out of them and all the women want their mates.

It's been a long time since I read the first of this series but I remembered it being kind of gritty. This one is not at all gritty, the criminals are a joke and they even both end up with Sam/Rand wanting kids-ugh!

I'm afraid that if After the Sunset irritated you then this will drive you batshit crazy.

But I kept right on reading so...