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And Hell Itself Breathes Out - A.R. Moler This book was a great read. The focus was on the paranormal serial killer murder plot rather then the romance but at about 70% the romance starts taking a more prominent role. I enjoyed the interaction between the MCs but I found John to be annoying in all of his guilt and sadness. Really, if someone had the job he has, and did all the things he is said to do, then he wouldn't be crying all the time and practically paralyzed with sadness.

There is an HEA (ish) for the couple.

My biggest issue with the book, ironically, wasn't even IN this book. In reading the blurbs on fictionwise, the author's website and to a lesser degree, the blurbs on goodreads , I learned that the couple is (infiltrated, joined by, threatened?) with a female in the 2nd book and that is still a problem for Evan in the early part of the 3rd book. The female starts out by being John's "new love" and has to learn to deal with John's lover, Evan. This whole scenario is my worst romance nightmare. This definitely tainted my enjoyment of this book but it is possible to simply read this book and forget the upcoming MFM.