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Nothing Ever Happens - Sue  Brown I bought this book knowing it had cheating etc so that was already on the table. I derived from the other reviews that those points could be accepted because it was otherwise, very good.

Even if I could ignore the cheating, open relationships etc I would still not have enjoyed the book. Too many issues such as inconsistent characters, foreign wording (especially considering this is Calif and Texas) and story lines that just didn't make any sense.

For instance, the character of Alex, Nathan's wife. She hated his cheating with Andrew enough to fake a pregnancy but still went away for a family weekend gathering with the whole crew just so he could take pictures of her family?? Encouraged him to be friends with Andrew, let him go to gay bars without complaint? Come on. Her behavior was so inconsistent that she was comedic. (A family/friend gathering where Andrew's husband makes out with Nathan, his husband's lover...)

For me, this story could have been good. For instance, in the Adrien English series, I wasn't thrilled that there was an open relationship but it didn't ruin the book. It can work, it just didn't here, for me.

Edited to add-PLUS if I had to read one more sentence about greasy hair I was going to gag.