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Dancing With The Tide - Neil Plakcy The 2nd book in the series. This book takes the two hotties places we didn’t see them in the last book. Jealousy, manipulation (by Aidan- that brat) and politics give them a run for their money. Did they irk me here and there? Sure. Should someone whose boyfriend is prone to jealousy get naked and wrestle with a young slutty gay rock star? Uh, No! But Liam is new to this love stuff so we will forgive him so we can watch the progress of their relationship and their bodyguard business. I particularly enjoyed the setting-the books take place in Tunisia adding the culture difference to the story.

There was more sex than the first book, maybe a ~tad~ more than I would have voted for…but I didn’t skip it either!

I am enjoying the author and looking forward to his previous works coming out in ebook format. I am too addicted to pixels to go back to paper.

Plus, his dedications make you say "awwww...."