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Devotion - Blak Rayne Don't let the blurb fool you. This book isn't really about soldiers nor does it have a plot beyond the rape.

Small, almost feminine guy gets brutally raped almost every night for 3 months, big burly boyfriend is too stupid to figure this out and then gives up when helpless female-ish soldier says he would be better off without him. All the love in the world and not enough to say "WTF? No.".

Then big burly boyfriend figures it out (because a toddler could have 3 months ago) and sets it up to -not quite dead yet-the rapist...

Aaannd-this is where I had enough. Because the story was so cookie-cutter-romance-idiot plot and the writing was very sloppy. Misusing words (baited breath), silly descriptions and overall, just not good, bad in fact.

You might like it though.

One more thing-this literally ends with a big argument about getting married and a "to be continued" (yep, typed out).