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The Code of Silence - Bo Bleu $5.99 at fictionwise, 40K words, 160 pdf pages

Terrible-this is a dirty old man talking to a 13 year old right in the beginning of the book "Rory opened his trousers to release his stiff tool. “Sit on my lap with your back against my chest. I'm going to put my cock between your thighs. You can keep your legs together while I rock you back and forth. It's called intra-femoral intercourse. I like the feel of your body allowing me to do this."

"Many diversions are open to you. As you get excited, like you were earlier when you confessed your willingness to do this my way, you will learn about bondage, homosexual rape, and fantasy role playing. It is up to you to keep control so you don't get into situations not to your liking."

The dialog is strange, the editing is poor, don't waste your money. At least I got it 60% off plus the new release discount. That's what these huge sales are for, right? Trying something no one has reviewed yet?

I did not get past the first 10% of the book. Maybe it improved.