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In Darkness Bound (The Society #1) - Christine  Price This book bounced between a 5-star horror/thriller to a 2-star romance until the very end.

However, as good as the thriller seemed to be, in the end it was a real disappointment. The author builds up so much interest in the character known as "66" but never reveals what he is or where he came from. Nor did the author reveal why Chris's brother was hidden away alive or what his special abilities were. Also not explained was how/why at the very end, the doctor could control Simon and make him kill people just by telling him to.

There was just too much of the plot left off and too many convenient things added in at the last minute. Seemed like they just made the end quicker and easier to write.

The other reviewers were spot on about the romance not working. In fact, all the way through I thought it detracted from (what seemed to be) a very good story.

Could have been a 5 star horror if only the author had kept up the writing quality all the way through.

I listened to the audiobook which was very well done.