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Old Poison  - Josh Lanyon 9/14/11
I'd forgotten how much these books focus on David Bradley.

Bradley nodded, mostly to himself. His eyes met Will's, and there was a wicked gleam in the brown depths. “Okay if I kiss you good-bye?”
Will laughed uneasily. His heart started thumping. It was ridiculous and stagy, but easier to get it over with than make a fuss. “Sure.”
Bradley put his arms around him, and Will thought what a crazy thing it was that for all Bradley's greater size and obvious strength, it was only when Taylor held him in that bony, fierce grip that Will felt helpless. Then Bradley's mouth was on his, and Will stopped thinking, because he'd forgotten how good this was. And Bradley was applying his considerable talents to this moment.
Dazedly, Will was aware of a surge of sexual hunger, of fierce physical desire, his body responding to the expert pressure of the hot mouth on his own. It was startling because it wasn't like he was doing without these days, and it was alarming because it would be very easy to give into this. Sex had always been good between him and Bradley.

Will, Will, Will. I hate you even more the 2nd time.